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Elected & Appointed Officials Serving Irvine 

State Senator and former County Supervisor John M.W. Moorlach
State Assemblymember and former Irvine Mayor Steven Choi
Orange County Supervisor and former Irvine Mayor Don Wagner
Irvine Mayor Christina L. Shea
Irvine Councilmember Anthony Kuo
Irvine School Board President Betty Carroll
Irvine School Board Member Ira Glasky
Irvine School Board Member Lauren Brooks
Irvine Ranch Water District President Mary Aileen Matheis 
Irvine Ranch Water District Board Member Douglass Reinhart
Irvine Ranch Water District Board Member Steven LaMar
Irvine Ranch Water District Board Member Peer Swan
Irvine Ranch Water District Board Member John Withers 
Planning Commissioner Jeff Pierson
Planning Commissioner Christine Knowland
Community Services Commissioner Chair Kevin Trussell
Community Services Commissioner Dick Owens 
Community Services Commissioner Tanja Fournier
Finance Commissioner Chair Jim Shute
Finance Commissioner Shareen Young 
Finance Commissioner John Park 
Transportation Commissioner Sidney Wu 
Irvine Senior Citizens Council Chair Rachel Owens 
Child Care Committee and Fmr. Community Services Commissioner Scott Schultz
City Investment Committee and Fmr. Finance Commission Chair Russell Stein

Regional Officials & Former Officials Who Have Served Irvine 

U.S. Representative Mimi Walters (ret.) 
State Senate Leader Dick Ackerman (ret.)
State Assembly Speaker and former Mayor Curt Pringle, Anaheim (ret.) 
State Assembly Leader Scott Baugh, Huntington Beach (ret.) 
State Assemblymember and Former Huntington Beach Mayor Matt Harper (ret.)
Mayor Will O'Neill, Newport Beach
Councilmember and Former Mayor Diane Dixon, Newport Beach
Councilmember and Former Mayor Peggy Huang, Yorba Linda
Mayor Pro Tem Gene Hernandez, Yorba Linda
Councilmember Greg Raths, Mission Viejo
Councilmember Trevor O'Neil, Anaheim 
Former Irvine Unified School Board Member Mike Parham 
Former Planning Commission Chair Janet Colclaser
Former Finance Commission Chair Jim Colclaser  

Friends & Residents By Neighborhood

Barbara Allan, Woodbridge
Gail and Alfred Antonio, Turtle Ridge
Tumi and Jerry Carter, Turtle Ridge 
Colleen Clark, Northwood Pointe
Jim and Janet Colclaser, Woodbridge
Susan Lindquist de la Parra, Turtle Rock 
Kimberly and Dan De La Paz, Turtle Rock 
Lana Encheff, Portola Springs
Courtney and John Few, Turtle Ridge
Natalie Fobort, Northwood Pointe
Bryan and Kristen Fournier, Turtle Rock
Mike and Jessie Ellison, The Ranch
Tanja and Kevin Fournier, Northwood
Justine and Michael Genest, University Park
John Hindman, Shady Canyon
Rick and Christie Johns, Turtle Ridge
Andrea and Steve Johnson, Turtle Rock
Julie Kamps, Stonegate 
Diane Kim, Woodbury
Ernie and Ense Kwan, Westpark 
Cherry Lai, Northwood
Guy Lemmon, University Park
Cyndi and Larry Lukanish, Turtle Rock 
Ryan Malone, Turtle Ridge
Jeff and Linell Marchiorlatti, Turtle Ridge 
Jim Mellor, Woodbridge 
Andrea Mersel, Northpark 
Tim Molnar, Turtle Rock
Jenn and Trevor Morales, Turtle Ridge 
Brendan O'Connell, Cypress Village
Steve and Patty Morton, University Park
Zach Nelson, University Hills 
Rachel and Dick Owens, Northwood 
John Park, Orchard Hills  
Ryan Park, Great Park Neighborhoods
Jeffrey Pierson, Turtle Rock
David and Jenna Rosmann, Turtle Ridge
Laurie and Nick Rubin, Turtle Rock
Bill Sandlin, Northwood 
Scott Schultz, Northwood Pointe
Renee and Russell Stein, Northpark
Mike Stockstill, Northwood Pointe
Trish and Jim Shute, Northwood
Kathleen Tresseder, University Hills
Daphne Tong, Portola Springs
Kevin Trussell, Woodbridge
John Vukmonic, Irvine Business Center
Jim Watson, Turtle Ridge
Katie and John Withers, Northwood 
Sidney and Annie Wu, Turtle Ridge 
Heather Vo, Northwood
Richard and Shareen Young, University Park

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Supporters In Their Own Words

“Mike Carroll is committed to building and preserving an Irvine where every resident can realize their best potential as a member of this community.  It's clear now--more than ever--that we need responsible and reasonable leaders like Mike in local government. Please support Mike for Irvine City Council.” - Diane Kim, Irvine Korean Cultural Festival and Trustee, Korean Cultural Center OC

“We need the right people representing Irvine to face difficult decisions that COVID-19 has forced us to make. As our Vice Mayor, Mike Carroll consistently rises to the occasion to lead. He is level headed, listens patiently, and cares deeply about every Irvine resident. Join me in supporting Mike Carroll so he can continue the great work he’s done on our behalf.” - Anthony Kuo, Irvine Councilmember 

"Mike Carroll held the line against overcrowded boarding houses. He proved to me and my neighbors that he will preserve Irvine’s Quality of Life and the character of our neighborhoods.” Heather Vo, Northwood

"Mike understands the important partnership between the Irvine Unified School District and the City of Irvine. He stands with our families to support public education in here Irvine. Please join with me in supporting him for Irvine City Council." - Lauren Brooks, Irvine Unified School Board Member

“During Mike Carroll's first few weeks on the City Council, he stopped over 120 high-density homes from being built on the Racquet Club of Irvine site. Mike brought together over 200 residents to hear their concerns and stood with us. I will not forget his effective leadership and decisive action. That's why I'm voting for Mike Carroll for Irvine City Council. I hope you will too."  - Joe Rad, University Park

“You can count on Mike Carroll to fight for Irvine. He supports public safety and protecting Irvine's quality of life. He has my support." - Mimi Walters, U.S. Representative (ret.)

"Mike Carroll has done a great job addressing the needs of our City. We had a fire safety issue behind my house and Mike had it fixed right away. Irvine is a safe and vibrant community thanks to his leadership. Please join me in voting for Mike to continue his good work for all of us in Irvine.” - Rich Allen, Turtle Rock

“We need strong local leaders who can intelligently and effectively address the COVID-19 pandemic and put us on the path of financial and economic recovery.  Mike Carroll provides this critical stability and he has a real record of results as Vice Mayor. I need a proven leader like Mike working with me, and he has delivered in ensuring that Irvine continues to be a wonderful and well run City.” - John Moolach, State Senator and Former County Supervisor

"Mike has always been an active leader in the local Irvine community for the past 8 years that we have known him and his family. Whether it be at school or in the various sports and activities his children participate in, Mike has consistently shown a willingness to be involved and stand up for what's best for our kids.  We are thrilled that he has chosen to continue serving our community, especially at a time when strong leaders like Mike are needed most." - Ense Kwan, Westpark 

"Mike has stood tall, fighting for us veterans, in the face of a campaign of lies and half-truths. He has my support.” - Nick Beradino, Veterans Alliance of Orange County (VALOR) and Heroes Hall Foundation President

"As a 20-year resident of Irvine who raised her family here, I know that Mike shares the values that so many of us cherish. Count on Mike to fight the good fight--for ALL of us!" -Shareen Young, University Park

"I’ve known Mike Carroll for years. As our Vice Mayor, Mike has been a fighter for fiscal responsibility, public safety, and our Irvine schools. I'm voting for Mike to stay on as our City Councilmember, and I am proud to endorse him for Irvine City Council." - Don Wagner, County Supervisor and Former Irvine Mayor

"Mike is an excellent steward for all citizens of Irvine. He shows dedication and leadership in all areas." - Rachel Owens, Northwood

"As an active parent with Irvine Swim League (ISL) and a Matt Leinart Flag Football coach, I know Mike Carroll will be a strong champion for youth sports in our community. That's the type of leadership we need on the Irvine City Council." - Bryan Fournier

"Mike Carroll has my support because of his deep commitment to education and to our young families. He is a tireless supporter of Irvine public schools and our mission." - Ira Glasky, Irvine Unified School Board Member

“I grew up in Irvine, attended Irvine public schools, and have seen community leaders in action. Mike Carroll values community service, public safety, and financial stability. He has a track record that puts the people of Irvine first. That's why I endorse Mike Carroll for Irvine City Council.” - Peggy Huang, Yorba Linda Councilmember and Former Mayor 

"Mike has been committed to Irvine Schools for years--on the School Site Council, as a long-time Irvine Public Schools Foundation supporter, as Vista Verde K-8 Foundation President, and as an active youth sports parent. He brings that commitment to our kids and that is why I support Mike for Irvine City Council." - Mike Parham, Irvine Unified School Board Member (ret.)

"Mike Carroll will be focused on results at City Hall. He will bring forward common sense solutions to protect Irvine's high quality of life." - Steven Choi, State Assemblymember and Former Irvine Mayor

“We're supporting Mike Carroll because we believe in his vision for Irvine. We're impressed with Mike's level headed approach to very complex issues. He understands the multifaceted nature of America's safest city. He strongly supports our seniors, our young families, our public safety, and our local businesses. He understands these are the building blocks that make Irvine great.” - Janet and Jim Colclaser, Woodbridge

"As a Councilmember, Mayor, Assemblymember and State Senator during a 25-year period, I know a little about public service. Mike Carroll puts the needs of taxpayers first. In these tough times, we need a leader who will fight for Irvine families and seniors--for strong public safety, and who will preserve our Irvine Quality of Life. My friend Mike is that leader.”  - Dick Ackerman, State Senate Leader (ret.)

“A Marine Corps veteran like me knows Mike Carroll gets the job done without making a big fuss. He personifies steady determination, kindness, and caring--qualities we need in our leaders in these times. His concern for the common good of Irvine is without equal and I support him so he can continue to make a big difference in our community.” - Bill Sandlin, Northwood

“Having served with and for Vice Mayor and Councilmember Carroll, there is no one more qualified and dedicated to the people of Irvine and the continuing success of our City.”  - Jeff Pierson, Turtle Rock

“I am a 26-year resident of Irvine and have known Mike for years. He will continue to steer Irvine forward with the values that have made this City number one in so many indicators. We are all reaping the benefits of a City that truly cares for the quality of life for all of our residents.  Let’s support leaders like Mike to who worked so hard to make it that way.” - Steve Morton, University Park

"Mike's experience as Chair of the Community Services Commission and as the Incumbent City Council Member make him the most skilled candidate for City Council." - Kevin Trussell, Woodbridge

"Mike Carroll is a leader who loves Irvine and stands up for just causes.  His family cares about your family and serves to make Irvine a better place." - Will O'Neill, Newport Beach Mayor

"Mike Carroll is someone I know very well. I'm voting for him for Irvine City Council because he has done an excellent job. He's a hard working Vice Mayor with a vision for Irvine that is consistent with my values and those of the people of Irvine." - Mike Genest

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Organizations, News & Businesses

The Irvine Weekly
Irvine Auto Center
Irvine Police Association 
Irvine City Employees Association
Crime Survivors PAC
Greater Irvine Republicans
Orange County Apartment Association
Orange County Association of Realtors
Orange County Employees Association
Orange County Business Council
Orange County Lincoln Club
Orange County Professional Firefighters Association
Orange County Republican Party
Orange County Taxpayers Association Political Action Committee (OCTaxPAC)
California Apartment Association